Val Corderro

A fabulous busty escort based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Claus was 22-years of age three years ago. He was yet to go out in public as a guy but desired sexual satisfaction. And with such difficulties, Claus decided to search online for a guy partner. It was not long when he came across an escort agency site. He signed up for services, and in his search, he met with Paul, who works as an escort in London. The two had a long chart and agreed to have a meeting in one of the clubs in the city. Claus was sitting having a drink when he saw Paul. The escort was wearing Combat boots, in skinny jeans tucked inside the shoes and a white shirt. He was approaching with a smile. “Hello Claus, You look extremely sexy,” Paul comments on Claus outfit. “Thank You! You are a hot man,” Claus replied as they make a mouth-closed kiss. “I see you […]

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