Questions & Answers

How do I go about making a date with you?

Making a date is easy! Just give me a call on my mobile 07807 417 139 or send me an email via my Contact Page, just letting me know when you would like to see me, for how long, and whether you would like me to come to meet you at your hotel or home (an “outcall”) or you visit me at my apartment (an “incall”). You can also mention any special requests that you might have. For example, I have a wide ranging wardrobe, so if would like me to wear something in a particular style, do just let me know.

I do not accept or reply to text (SMS) messages from people I have not met previously – All such messages are deleted immediately. Once we have met we can come to a mutual arrangement for exchanging text messages which enables me to identify the sender and respond discretely without compromising our security and privacy.

Are your pictures genuine?

Yes, all pictures on this site are definitely of me, and have not been altered, other than to conceal my face. This is a necessary precaution in order to preserve privacy and discretion. You will soon be able to verify the accuracy of my photographs when we meet!

How do I pay?

Making payment is simple, so please do not let it be the cause of any embarrassment. Just place my donation into an unsealed envelope, and put it somewhere visible where I am sure to see it. I only accept cash donations, and it would save embarrassment for both of us if we can deal with this little part of our date during the first few minutes of our meeting, allowing us to get on with enjoying ourselves together.

When does the date start?

Our date starts from the moment I arrive, whether at your hotel or home, or you at my apartment.

Can I add more time to date once I meet you?

This might be possible, but I cannot always guarantee it. Please ask me as soon as you can, in case I need to change any other arrangements.

Do you accept same-day appointments?

I always prefer as much advance notice as possible, so that I have plenty of time to prepare for our date, but please call me to see if I’m available at short notice. You’ll never know unless you ask!